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        Social Responsibility

        發布日期:2019.01.18 瀏覽次數(

        To better carry forward the spirit of philanthropy and the traditional virtues of Chinese people, and call upon kind people who care about and support charity to help and relieve people in difficulty or disaster, Purun Holdings set up Purun Charitable Love Foundation on January 8, 2014, in order to help the employees and families with difficulties, strengthen cooperation and interaction between the staff, create harmonious and happy corporate ethical culture

        “Purun Charitable Love Foundation” is attached to “Huayan Foundation for Culture and Education”. Adhering to the concept of charity that “do good deeds to benefit society, devote love to help people”, “Purun Charitable Love Foundation” funds charitable programs that meet the purposes of the Foundation, plans and organizes various charitable activities in line with the purposes of the Foundation, and publicizes and promotes charitable activities.

        “Purun Charitable Love Foundation Management Committee” was established as the management organization of the Foundation. The Management Committee is managed by the Huayan Foundation for Culture and Education and responsible for the promotion, fundraising, distribution and supervision of charitable assets. The Management Committee is formed by members of the Huayan Foundation for Culture and Education, executives of Chongqing Purun Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. and its employees as well as volunteers from all sectors of society. Openness, justice, transparency and joint management are the rules of procedure; and absolute majority is the principle of procedure performed by the Management Committee.

        • PURUN
          Zip Code:401121 Tel:023-63063353
          Add: B1-17&18,No.92 Xingguang Avenue,Yubei District,Chongqing.
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